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10 ways to avoid Procrastination

10 ways to avoid Procrastination.

06 Feb , 2019
It's a fact that procrastinators feel real physical pain, Barbara Oakley's state in her book "A mind for numbers" : "We procrastinate about things that make us feel uncomfortable. Medical imaging studies have shown that mathphobes, for example, appear to avoid math because even just thinking about it seems to hurt. The pain centers of their brains light up when they contemplate working on math." And what we do when we see the pain in work, we avoid! .

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10 ways to learn new language from your home

10 ways to learn new language from your home.

19 Jan , 2019
Why do I need to learn foreign language? Well, world is taking fast-pace and unfortunately competition becomes part of our daily lives. How will you differentiate yourself from others? Your friend has the same skills you have, he goes to the same institute you go, same education he has, How? You have to develop some special advantages like learning new skills, learning the art of public speaking or being multilingual etc.

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10 ways to boost your Home Exercise Habit

10 ways to boost your Home Exercise Habit.

17 Jan , 2019
Not have enough money or time to join gym? Or Not getting enough results spending lot of money on weight loss products. I don't want to spread misconception about trying these methods at home will get you into shape in a day. Remember it's not possible to get a white smile brushing your toots at once, but if you do it 2 times a day for 2-minutes consistently, brushing makes difference. Likewise achieving.

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10 Self-Help Books to must read in life time

10 Self-Help Books to must read in life time.

16 Jan , 2019
Mark Twain once said, "The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read". When you open a book, you open a new world. Books plays important role in our life. Consider the man who pour his knowledge gained throughout his life, experiences into remarkable book, and handed it to you. Books gives us clues about how this world works, Let's take a look at the curated list of Top 10 Self Help Books of All Time.

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10 Tips to improve yourself.

10 Tips to improve yourself.

15 Jan , 2019
Peoples asks me what is your favorite person in your life, who do you love most? I respond them generously, "I love myself most". You should have to Govern the patterns and learn how this world take pace every day. Here are some Habits you can acquire that will help you to become better person by utilizing 1 hr./day or less.

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